Ship production-ready AI features 10x faster.

Athina enables teams to prototype, experiment, evaluate, and monitor LLM-powered apps.
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Processingmillions of requests weekly for hundreds of teams.
Athina has been a game-changer for our team. It is an indispensable tool for any company deploying LLMs in production.
- Michael Brady (CEO, RightPage)
Athina has been a crucial part of our AI stack. It has allowed to us to systematically test new prompts, monitor output quality, and ship confidently.
- Eshan Agarwal (CEO, Epsilon AI)

Experiment, prototype and evaluate 10x faster

Athina IDE is a collaborative spreadsheet-like editor for product teams to use their data to experiment,prototype, and test AI products fast.

LLM Observability
that works with any model or framework.

Easy integration with popular frameworks
Real-time monitoring
Track costs & latency
Configure alerts
Measure accuracy over time
Export logs
GraphQL API Access
Search, filter, sort
Run experiments
Inspect complex traces

End-to-end platform for teams building AI application

Athina is with you throughout your LLM's lifecycle, from prompt engineering to production monitoring and evaluation.

Re-run a prompt with multiple models
Re-generate datasets with different models or prompts
Transform data with dynamic columns
Compare prompts side-by-side
Compare datasets with diff view

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Enterprise-grade controls: Your data, your rules

Self-hosted deployment

Athina can be deployed as an on-prem solution hosted in your own private cloud. That way, your data is kept completely private and is never sent to Athina.

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Role-based access controls

Configure fine-grained permissions so you can control which users can access different features and data.

Multiple Workspaces

Create separate workspaces for different teams or projects.

Use custom models

Access custom models and providers like Azure OpenAI, AWS Bedrock, and more.


Flexible pricing for teams of every size.

Start monitoring and evaluating your LLM outputs for free today.



  • 10k logs/mo
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Unlimited Prompts
  • Compare Prompts and Models
  • Track Costs, Latency, etc
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  • Everything in Free
  • 100k logs per month
  • Continuous Evaluation
  • Unlimited Experiment Runs
  • Dedicated Slack Support
  • Custom Evals
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  • Everything in Starter
  • Unlimited Logs
  • Unlimited Evals
  • Unlimited Datasets
  • Unlimited Team Seats
  • Whiteglove Support
  • GraphQL API
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  • Everything in Pro
  • Self-Hosted Deployment
  • Role Based Access Controls
  • Support for Custom Models
  • + + +
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